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Restyling and Remodeling

When your favorite fur becomes outdated, give it a new and modern look through our remodeling services. We will give you suggestions and ideas for restyling to bring your old garment in line with today's fashion trends. A healthy garment (soft and supple leather) can be restyled any number of times but we discourage restyling if we cannot guarantee twelve to fifteen years of trouble-free wear. Be assured that if a garment is not healthy enough to work with we won't let you waste money restyling. Alterations can also be made to a garment to make sure it fits properly and/or is the desired length.


Making immediate repairs to your garment can save you costly expenses in the future. It's important to inspect your fur regularly. Check the seams, particularly at the shoulders, the front, the closures and the pockets for rips, tears, or damage. You should also check the lining at the neck, sleeve and back area where the coat receives the most wear when sitting. Never neglect a small rip or tear at a seam, buttonhole or edge of your fur. We can perform any type of repair work on your garment, provided the fur is in good shape.

Call us today at (626) 471-9912 for details.

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