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Fur Storage


Heat is a furs worst enemy (it dries and cracks the pelts). It is vital to give furs a “summer vacation” by putting them in a cold storage vault. Our state-of-the-art fur vaults are designed to provide maximum protection and preservation of precious furs and are humidity controlled at a temperature of 35°. Every safety precaution is taken to prevent lost by theft, fire and fur destroying insects.

We recommend putting fur garments in cold storage during the summer months. Exposure to heat and humidity will quickly oxidized the oil in the leather and diminish its pliability. Fur bearing leather is different from conventional leather and cannot be reconditioned. Once it begins to lose the natural oils through oxidation, the cellular structure collapses and the leather turns into a paper-like material. Once this process begins, it is irreversible. Cleaning and glazing your garment at season's end and placing it in cold storage during hot months will protect and prolong the life of your fur.

The cold storage fee for most garments is $60 per year and $70 per year for coats.


Your fur Deserves Good Care, We Recommend:

  • Always use broad shouldered or padded hangers when hanging furs. Allow space to prevent the furs from being crushed.

  • Never store your fur in a plastic bag were air cannot circulate; it causes the leather to dry out. Loosely cover your fur with a cotton bag or sheet. (Use materials that breathe)

  • Unbutton your coat when sitting, this prevents tears and undo wear. In case of a tear, have repairs made immediately.

  • Never leave a fur (wet or dry) near heat. This will cause both fur and leather to become brittle.

  • Hanging wet furs to dry in a cool place with circulating air, not in a closet. A little rain or snow won't injure furs; however, if a fur is soaked through, it requires prompt treatment by reliable furrier.

  • Never moth-proof your garment or use insecticides or sprays on the fur.

  • Do not use dry-cleaning fluids on furs. Have them professionally cleaned regularly by a fur specialist. This prolongs the life of the fur.

  • Avoid combing or brushing furs. Occasionally shake your fur coat gently to keep it clean and to restore its natural shape and fullness.

  • Do not carry heavy packages or handbags where they rub against the fur and cause wear spots. Don't pin flowers or jewelry on your garment. Avoid putting perfume on the fur (alcohol dries leather and stiffens fur).

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